Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A new BOM?

Well maybe... I'm thinking of joining the Fat Quarter Shop's Pennsylvania Dutch Block of the Month. I don't know... it's gorgeous, the fabrics are Minich and Simpson, the same duo who did Prairie Paisley, which I loved.
It's the cost to be frank. On top of the monthly cost, I get to pay $9 just for shipping, and that adds up, big time, that's $108 for 12 months. And really it's not worth it. Not that much. So, I'll be good....maybe.
Well scratch the above. I just went and looked at the site, it's only $4 shipping, much more reasonable. I ASSuMEd the other because the last BOM I did with FQS that's what the shipping was. The Pennsylvania Dutch is a grand total of 20.99/mth for Canada... Ok not being good doesn't sound so much fun, or necessary...
Picture taken from FQS

The only block I don't like is the house. Never really got the whole house blocks, and the border fabric I'm only so-so on...but the overall look is so nice.
Hmmm....going to have to think on this one.

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