Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An hour a day...

So yesterday I decided to spend an hour sewing and see how much I could get done. So the timer was set on the oven and away I went.

I finished 34 four patches, and pressed the freezer paper applique pieces on about....hmmm 12 * 6 is 72, divide by 4 is 18, so got 18 of those blocks freezer papered up. All in under 40 minutes.
I managed to cut out most of those while Little bit was at gymnastics,

which is a sanity saver for both of us. She needs to be a monkey, and I need not have heart attacks watching her do it on everything, and anything. Most of the pics are blurred because you have to shoot through glass. Just yesterday, Little Bit was able to do her front pullover all by her self on the uneven bars, which are her favorite after the rings, where her upper body strength has the instructers all in awe.

Oh, I almost forgot. I changed the border fabrics for Lover's Knot. It's now going to be the pink for the inside border and a brown for the larger border. DH didn't like the pink, so when I was at the store yesterday, I happened to the display, and it jumped into my arms all on its own. Honest ;)

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Ginger Patches said...

I love the timer...I use it for housework, but for quilting sounds much more fun :)