Saturday, August 22, 2009


All is not well here. I have had a very stressful, and frankly, disturbing few weeks, resulting in my getting confirmation from a pathologist, that my son's brain was kept after his death, we were never informed, and if not for me reading his autopsy report, we would never have known.
How does one deal with that? Honestly. WTF. What am I supposed to do? WHY???
It seems that when ever DH and I are getting back on track, wham, something else comes by to knock us off again.
I won't bore everyone with detail but this sucks. And I dislike using that word but seriously. How else can you describe it?

And just for icing, it's the same hospital I'm scheduled to have my hysterectomy at. Why can't things ever be simple?

Self pity party over.

I'm going to go to the discount fabric store near me, get some batting for DH's quilt and who knows what else. Retail fabric therapy sounds good to me, if only for a few a little while.

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