Saturday, August 1, 2009

A break from Paisley for Lillebet

I took a break from DH's Prairie Paisley to work on Lillebet's Garden. A BOM I started last year and got tired of the ugly fabrics.
I still think most of them are ugly but I'm hoping in the larger overall look you won't notice that.
I've now finished all the sampler blocks, though I may redo the the last one. It was the third on with Y-seams yet it was the one that is kinda wavy.

We'll see after I get all the evil sashing done, and finish the applique.
I have all the flowers cut out and pressed to the fabric. I'd say I have about half of the shapes glue basted. The pattern has a 56 flowers and 80-something leaves.

The leaves get interesting because I had started last year by using freezer paper but have discovered something new, I haven't finished testing yet, so no grade or mention til I'm sure of my feeling towards it. I'm hopeful of an A though.

With all the rain I've been enjoying the clouds and just the refreshing way things have been looking. Yes there has been a lot of rain but it hasn't been dark and grey and blah. It's actually been nice.
I'm always surprised by the the little things.

Here one of my flowers that never bloomed or really grew much on my balcony decided to give some beauty after all, eh?

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Darlene said...

Cara, thanks bunches for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. You're set for 'no reply' so I couldn't respond via e-mail. You're work is beautiful - I'll be back to visit very soon.