Friday, August 28, 2009

Basting and nothing else

I've really got nothing but basting and a few little lines done on DH's quilt. This week just did not want to co-operate. I've had to deal more with the whole issue of my son's brain, and trying to get to the bottom of all of this crap.
Maybe I should send this picture taken at Tuesday's lunch to them?

The gentlemen are, respectfully, Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, and Chris Bentley, Attorney General of Ontario, and Memember of Provincial Parliament. The women? Purple is my little sister Tasha, that's me in the middle, and my mother, Special Assistant to Chris Bentley, beside me.
Yeah, they chose the wrong girl to mess with. Funny how they expected to be able to hide behind the institution, except we're more connected within it then they are. I'm being petty, sort of, but I don't care right now. I'm hurting, angry and disillussioned. And Little Bit is still away with her bio dad so I can't even throw myself into entertaining her.

Back to quilting which is what this blog is about. I've appliqued some more of Lover's Knot, only to find I'm about five 4 patches short. So I spent yesterday driving to different stores trying to find some more of the fabric. And having a store clerk try and get me to buy discount embroidery thread, seriously who argues with a customer who likes the more expensive stuff? And by that I mean the $3.85 for 220 yards, Gutermann Dekor. I'll use Coates and whatever for piecing, sometimes, but not for anything else. The breakage and lint build up are ridiculous.
We have a newer discount fabric store that has just opened up and it is SOOOOO nice. You can actually move around, and the clearance is actually neat, and you can actually FIND things! Imagine that.
I know the argument for Local Quilt Shops. I even agree with it. But right now I just can't afford it. Wanna know why? Because quilt shop fabric is $15-18 a metre! A metre roughly is 39.5 inches, so a yard and a bit. Now I'm known to gasp order up from the US, ok generally it's what I do, because it's the only way I can afford quality fabrics.
Fabricland (discount store) carries Northcott, which is awesome, because it goes on sale! So Northcott I can get for a reasonable amount, awhile after it's out. And while Moda is the fav, hands down, Northcott has SUCH a nice feel to it. So smooth and silky...oh now I need to go fondle my stash lol.

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Ginger Patches said...

I had to go back a few posts to see what you were talking about and I just want to say that I'm so sorry you're going through so much right now. I don't understand either how that could happen. I'm pretty sure (at least in the US) something needs to be signed for any body parts to be kept. That is just sooo wrong. And to put you through this when you're already dealing with the grief of losing your baby boy is just beyond understanding....I hope it's taken care of soon.