Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best laid plans o' mice and women...

 So I did finish the doll quilt, which grew quite a bit from what I'd planned but that's ok. I'm fairly happy with it.

  I added a 3 inch border around the tumblers so it finished at about 29"x24", which I think is big enough to use with a Cabbage Patch doll, which is roughly the size of my niece's favorite doll. The blue from the backing shows through the white some, which I wanted because otherwise the white was too stark against the Nature Chorus fabrics.

 I used a left over piece of blue fleece for the backing, and quilted a stipple over the tumblers and did echo quilting on the edges. LOL I sound like I actually quilt, which I do a very poor job of. One of my corners for the binding actually turned out square though! YAY lol. I bound it using left over Sunshine strips from an old project.

 I ran into a problem with the baby quilt. The backing/fleece panel I bought turns out to be the wrong size for what I want. The way the panel was I'd end up cutting off the little duckies heads so I think I'll head over tomorrow and try and find some plain fleece for it or an all over repeating pattern.

Since I've noticed everyone's been showing off some of their decorations I thought I'd show some of my favorites from our tree. They're a collection of DH's, Little Bit's and mine. Can you guess which ones belong to who? LOL

 The placemats didn't even enter my world so hopefully this week.


Carol said...

I like your doll quilt, very cute with the yellow and blue fabrics. Great gift.

Rene' said...

I've been admiring your tumbler quilts. I have an "orphan" template that I'm thinking could be used for tumblers. When I get a chance I'll measure and ask if that is the size you use. Would be good to have a use for it. I think I bought it when I first started quilting thinking it would be great for a charm quilt.

Thelma said...

I'm glad to read you didn't cut off any duck heads in the making of the baby quilt...that would not have been good! Your tumbler quilt has a nice look, I like it, one lucky doll!

Is that an Oakland A's's along way from home.

hetty said...

Cute doll quilt! I love those blue and yellow fabrics! I have no idea whose favourite ornaments those are, but they are all very nice!

Carrie P. said...

The doll quilt is sweet and so are your ornaments. Love the bear.