Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Stockings and Tumblers

  I finally finished Little Bit's Princess stocking last night. This thing gave me more problems then the other two combined, and I'm not really sure why.
 First I had issues with the design, trying to figure out just how to do this, with the three fabrics I had picked up at Walmart. I know, I know, LQS and all that. They wouldn't have had the material and it would have been without exaggeration twice the price. So I bought it at Walmart.

 Anway. I have no idea why I didn't decide on a design before buying fabric, well I do, Little Bit has been sick this week, today is her first day back, and I had my sister watching her while I was at an appointment. The appointment was near the Walmart so I slipped in there on my way home.

  I bought three fabrics, a pink shimmer, a Princess repeat fabric, and shimmer purple with stars. Now I normally buy fabrics in fours, it just seems to work out best that way. But I bought three. And the princess fabric wouldn't work for the stocking as the images were too big. So I spent a day humming and hawing over it and came up with this.

 I stippled the back, and did some quilt as you go on the front, I had the batting and front sandwiched when I did the applique, and I just added some snowflakes to finish it up. I should have sewn around the foot of the stocking to anchor it for when I sewed the front and back together but oops. It means the foot is a bit more squshed then I'd like but not bad enough to try and unsew. I'm going to hit one of the craft stores to see about one of those fabric pens that puff up on the fabric to write her name on the crown.
Just in general I had trouble getting this to line up etc, I sewed the ruffle down into the stocking and had to pick that out. Little things that make you so glad when it's done.

 I also slipped into the very long line at the post office to pick up my packages when on the way home. It was from Fat Quarter Shop! YAY! And I got this

and these

 I've already cut into the Nature's Notebook for my niece's doll quilt. I'm again making tumblers, but this time I cut the charm pack into 2.5" squares before shaping them. WOW what a lot of fuzz and fibers. I was sneezing and coughing the whole time. Hopefully they're acurate. I wish I could find an acrylic or whatnot in tumblers, but with either a 2.5 or 5" base. It would be so useful. Oh well. The doll quilt should have 13 rows of 13. Not particularly lucky but I don't think she'll notice, as she's 3.
   I told DH he had to wrap the sampler box for me from Santa.

And YOOOO I figured out how to get the pictures to download onto this POS laptop I've been using. I just had to download the driver. No biggie and I feel like a tool for not thinking of it sooner. But oh well. Now I don't have to wait for DH to download the pictures and put them on a flashdrive for me.


Quilter Going Bananas said...

I love the stocking for your DD! I think it turned out great :^)
You'll enjoy your Moda Sampler box, I love mine, I just stare at all that gorgeous colour...
I'd love to see how the doll quilt for your niece turns out, with the blues and yellows.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet stocking! I had boys now ages 16 and 20..someday I plan on having grand girls! Hee!! Wonder if my guys will cooperate with my wishes?
OMG..that Moda Sampler Box and charms are devine! (better than box of chocolates)

Rene' said...

Cara, your princess stocking turned out darling!!!!! So cute!!! What do you plan to make with the Sampler? I have one too but not sure what to do with it. Don't really want to do anything with it at the moment except admire the beautiful fabrics.

quiltmom anna said...

I love your daughter's stocking Cara- it is great stocking for a little one. You are one clever lady..
I am amazed that your Walmart has fabric - most of the stores out here do not carry fabric any more. The local Fabricland's prices on cottons continues to rise-and so does the batting price. A friend and I visit a few of the local quilting stores and often find fabric that is less expensive than at Fabricland. I have bought a little fabric on line too. Your sampler box looks yummy - have fun exploring all the different colors.
Warmest regards,

Thelma said...

That stocking is adorable, you did a great job! That's my first peek at a Moda Sampler box, I like it!

hetty said...

Your stocking turned out sooooo cute! I just love it! Your Walmart still sells fabric? Wow! Do they sell it by the metre or in fat quarter bundles? Our Walmarts don't sell fabric anymore.

Gigi's Thimble said...

Oh, this is too funny! I just clicked on the link to your blog after seeing your comment and the first picture I saw was your princess stocking. Well, my little girl was standing right next to me and without blinking an eye, she screams out, "Oh, I want that!!!" Well, she loves it and I think it's darling too! Way to go!