Thursday, January 7, 2010

Go Bama! Roll Tide!

Tonight is the BCS National Championship and DH's Crimson Tide are playing the Texas Longhorns. I could care less to be honest but he's so dang excited it's infectious, lol and the idea that football is getting closer and closer to being over for a few months.

I'm pretty woozy from the lidocain infusion but feeling nicer then I did before I had it so hopefully it'll be better each time.

  I've got the rest of the leaves for Chateau Duma prepped. I just need to figure out what I'm going to do for the circles.
 And I got half of block one done for Le Jardin.

The parts of the block are completed. And half the applique is prepped and waiting for me to finish the other pieces so I can get it sewn down. The stuff in the plastic baggie is waiting to be glue basted down.
 I don't want to sew the block together until I finish the applique just in case I stretch it when I'm sewing them down. It's easier to cut down a single piece of fabric then unsew and then trim.

 I have to say this about Fatquarter shop. They always include way more fabric then you'll need. You have oops room. I super appreciate this because I'm more relaxed when cutting, which for me means less mistakes. I'm putting all my scraps, and they're definatly big enough to be scraps and not cuttings, into another baggie. I'm hoping by the end I'll have enough to try and make  a mini antique-looking Canadian flag.

 Which I really want now, seeing as the US beat us in the World Junior Finals. In overtime! The ended Canada's 5 year run of gold. As DH (an American) crowed all yesterday "silver's not bad eh?"
Hopefully the big boys do as well or better in the Olympics. Another Torino will get a hell of a lot more response then Harper proroguing Parliament again has so far.

 I try to avoid politics here but this I have to say to my fellow Canadians. Our Parliament, the only part of our governement that really answers to the people, is under attack and few seem to care. This is an attack on our democracy, and freedom to be ruled by people chosen by us. I don't care what your leanings. You should be very worried and upset by this. Many important bill, some even put forth by the C's, are dying on the floor because of this, and several VITAL inquiries are being shut down in hopes people will forget. This is bypassing the whole point of having a body to hold accountable the ruling government. Opposition is as vital to our way of government as those ruling. Get informed. Please. This will matter even more if this becomes a regular thing, which Harper is saying he may do. Do not give more power to the PMO.


Rene' said...

Your applique is looking great. The red is so rich. I have to tell you I am watching the Alabama game now. What an exciting game. Right now it is in the fourth quarter with about four minutes left and Alabama ahead by 3. Of course, I am cheering for Alabama, but I love a close game. Roll Tide!

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