Sunday, January 3, 2010

One of those days

 We all have them. But well...I'm kinda talented you see. Today I have managed to have my finger cut by the tinfoil punch outs on one of my pills, had a rubber band snap and hit me in the cheek, been head butted by Little Bit (it took a while to be sure it wasn't broken, it isn't), and had a reaction to the bandage for the finger, which is why it's now wrapped in gauze and paper tape.
After the finger I decided to stay in, so DH will had to have something different for lunch tomorrow because I was not going out to the store with the way things were going and there being about 2 feet of snow over the last 36 hours.

 I did get somethings done on the quilting front though. Brave I know, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. "Tumbling Dinosaur Uproar", my first personally named quilt, is out in rows. I had 6 done, I now have all 14 done.

Wanna see me being artsy with the camera?

Nice eh? LOL

After whining yesterday I was thinking "what is wrong with me?" I want to do this quilt for a little boy who I've never seen, but love immensely anyway. So even though I only sat down to sew one row I felt good about it. That one row somehow turned into 8. And I feel even better.
Which is awesome because it's that much closer to being done. And after a phone call from my father, I'm thinking I might be very busy  for the next little while with a family business project. More on that as it develops.

I'm trying to decide what to do about borders. Should I add two? One large? Rick rac? I found some that matches the line on ebay, oh ebay you are both evil and heaven for quilters.

I did about 20 inches of binding on Picnic but it was just wasn't happening so I decided to leave it for another day.

I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal with Little Bit at school tomorrow, and DH back to work. I plan on hitting the grocery store, and I'm not sure what else but some quiet will be nice. Well quiet and some Galaxy Country.


Rene' said...

Cara, so sorry to hear you have had one of those days. I guess it is true ... when it rains (or snows) it pours. Great job on the quilt. Who is this for? I have not gotten into the ebay habit yet. I'm thinking that is a good thing. Be safe in that bad weather.

Thelma said...

One large border AND the big rickrack!

I too am counting the time until I have this house to myself!

Vicky said...

Ouch! But it didn't hinder you from quilting, and that's a good thing! I love the thimbles quilt. Can't wait to see it finished!

hetty said...

The tumbling dinos look great! Love your artsy camera stuff. Sorry to hear that it has been one of those days. Glad you were able to quilt anyway.