Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Winter fun

 So yesterday, today and tomorrow the forecast is for snow. Snowsqualls to be precise, the one I think sounds somewhat rude. How much snow? Well...right now their calling for about 6" every 6 hours. We've got a good foot and a bit now. It looks lovely, and the snow isn't falling so fast that the plows can't deal with it. Don't get me wrong, it's not nice on the roads, and on the highways (like US Interstates) have white out conditions in places, and I'm glad DH isn't driving until Monday, but it isn't out of control type snow that will shut things down for a day or two as we try to dig out.

 The temp is very cold, too cold to play outside so my cousin and his family joined us for a fun afternoon of....

I love bowling, especially 5 pin. We didn't do the glo bowling, which is the picture above. It came on just as we were done. The two girls, Little Bit (6), and Jess (10) played a lane and played 3 games, one of which Little Bit won, though she broke 100 in all three. They had a blast. We had the bumpers on both lanes and the kids, including dads lol, love it. It makes it easier, and pretty much they'll always get a pin down.
 The "grown-ups" had our lane and we bowled 2 games. One of which I won, but more importantly both games I beat DH! : )
This is the only non-trivia game I ever beat DH at. I'm just not very competitive but this I do enjoy.
What do you do on days you have to stay inside? And more or less off the roads?

We went to my cousin's and played the Wii for awhile and ordered pizza for dinner. It was a really nice way to spend the day. We also go a slide show, with music and all, of my cousin's photo guild pics and his daughter's. Both are fantastic. I was very impressed with Jess's as she is only 10, and some of them were A+. Steve's are awesome but you know he's old experienced and all : p

On the quilting front I cut up some more tumblers for the nephew's quilt. I really have to find my motivation and get this one done. He's turning one this month lol.

I'm half way done binding the Picnic quilt for my cousin's baby who is due at the end of the month, but having seen her at our grandma's....well I'm not so sure she'll last that long. We carry big but she was VERY big, and VERY uncomfortable, and not just in the I'm-as-big-as-a-whale uncomfortable.

We also found out that DH's other brother, twin to nephew #1's daddy, and his wife are expecting. She's about 2 months along. I'm hoping for an announcement of gender so I can get a quilt done before the baby this time.

I've ordered my Schnibble pattern for January. I love this one and can't wait to get it started.
I think that is part of my problem right now with the tumblers, I want to be working on projects for me, which are new and exciting, instead of finishing things for others....maybe my Christmas/giving spirit has taken all it can and needs a recharge of me time. Sounds like a good excuse to do a bit of one of the other projects doesn't it?

  I need to get something done so I can have some pictures of my own to post. It's getting pretty stark isn't it? This is where blogging works as motivation me thinks.

I'm purposely avoiding making an resolutions, they're made to be broken more then kept so I'll stay with my general push to keep improving in all things. Get a bit better at keeping the apartment, eat a bit better/more, work on getting healthier/better pain control, getting some more finishes in my quilting. Things like that. Be better then I am now I guess would be the resolution if I had to make one. And my overall life goal, be as good a mom to Little Bit as I possibly can.

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