Monday, January 4, 2010

Oy it keeps going

WARNING- Ranting to follow.

So I've decided anyone who doesn't look as they walk/drive really does deserve to get hit. Especially in a parking lot. Covered in snow. I nearly backed into a man walking, and he never even noticed! Just walks right behind me as I'm half way out of a spot. Nearly gave me a heart attack. And then a guy drives right in front of me, even though I have the right-of-way.
Oh and I nearly left a bag at the checkout, and almost forgot to pay at Walmart, as if they'd actually let you do that. And the twit at the pharmacy tried to tell me I couldn't get my meds the way I need them, even though it's written on the perscription, by the doctor where the pharmacy is located. Again oy.
 The snow piles were so large at the grocery store that half the spots were gone, and in the section closest to the doors of course.  And I don't know how many silly people driving around the the snowbanks as if they've never seen them before.
This is CANADA people. It snows. Every year. A lot. Get used to it and learn to drive. Ok that particular rant is over.
I know I'm in a cranky mood but I've got no patience today. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
Which is never a good thing because I'll go nuts, or get divorced, living in my apartment without patience. I'm married to a lazy, whining, ungrateful man who is more giant teenager then partner. And my six year old has the cognition of about a 3-4 year old, and the attitude of a 16 year old, on a good day. And my dogs are completly untrained and spoiled.
 Please don't misunderstand, I love them all very dearly, I really do, and they all have so many fantastic qualities but without patience that love gets tested, and things aren't as easy to ignore/deal with. I'm even having trouble finding this funny...

All I can think is if it had that much more in the cup I'd have had a hell of a mess to clean up when it burst. DH "cleaned" the van the other day. As in he finally took his fishing poles out, left all the tackle, and shoved all his garbage and cans into a bag. And left it in the van. Nice huh?

 To make myself feel somewhat better I hit Fabricland for some ric rac to go with Tumbling Dinos.

The red was too dark so I went with a very bright yellow that matches the quilt fairly well. I picked up 7 meters, which is about 7.6 yards.
I have all the rows sewn together, I just need to press them. Which require me cleaning off the entire ironing board, and I really don't wanna. Now I have to decide on a border. I'm leaning to one small inner border, and the ric rac, then a larger outer boarder. Hopefully in the dino print. Any ideas on colour? I'm think red and blue, but which for what?

I've cleaned out my photo files. DH, with much grumbling and complaining, hooked up the external hard drive I got for Christmas from my dad. I dumped the whole 17 mega bytes onto it and deleted the whole lot of my hard drive. I did check to make sure it work before deleting them. And it did. Hopefully my laptop with move a bit quicker now.
Ok I'm going to take a quick nap. Hopefully things will feel better after and I can continue being the most patient person around as normal.


Gigi's Thimble said...

Hi Cara! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your dino quilt looks like it is going to turn out really cute. I love that tumbler pattern. My vote for the borders is a red stop border and a blue outer border (if I got your question right?) Just my opinion :) Hope you are having a better day!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Ok so you do you really wanna tell us how your doing?? lololol You are cracking me up.

hetty said...

A trip to Fabricland is always a good thing!! Love the yellow ric rac. London is so close to Toronto, yet we have only had a few inches of snow. I slept all day and now I feel much better. Hope tomorrow will be better for you too!

Rene' said...

Cara, hope your nap helped ;-))) Things usually look better when well rested ;-)) Forgot to say that I like your new blog header. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Oh My! What a day you're having. I hope you feel better tomorrow. The yellow ric rac is so cheery even in yucky dreary January.