Saturday, January 9, 2010

A sort of finish

 I finished the block from Le Jardin BOM.

I only stretched the blocks a tiny bit. I don't think you can really tell. It measures just a hair off the 16 1/2" it should so goodness.

I hand embroidered the ribbony thing on the bunny. I oopsied the the ribbon a bit but I think I fixed it enough. The ribbon was supposed to be higher on the bunny and hit the neck straight on...I don't know if that makes sense but it looks ok to me and that's all that matters, right?
 I'm not the biggest fan of the red and white side fabric but the overall quilt looks so cool I don't care.

I wasn't going to finish it today but I kept looking over and seeing this.

 Who could resist?
I couldn't find the pattern for Duma today but I knew I needed a bunch of berries so I grabbed the scraps of my Magic Fuse and made these.

I used a 5/8 punch for scrapbooking to do the "berries" for Chateau Duma. Much easier then trying to cut out a gazillion of them with scissors.

 It is super cold here. Little Bit wasn't happy about having to stay inside but this is 20 minute frost bite weather. We played lots of Wii and "Scooby-Doo Ball" which is just hall soccer with a rubber ball. Hopefully it warms up a bit soon. My puppies may have me arrested for cruelty if they have to do their business outside much longer. Oh, and the looks I get. Both adorable and funny.
Did you know a dog can say all sorts of things with their eyes? Like eat sh**? Or I'm going to bite you in your sleep? Along with the required I love you and come know you want to give me that food you have. Don't let those cute faces fool you.

But then there is a reason we call them fur-babies.

  I'm waiting for a several things in the mail...a few ordered back mid December. I'm starting to get annoyed. LOL and I'm sure you'd all like to see something besides Rouenneries.


kimland said...

Your block is beautiful, so envious! I have never attempted applique but, this sure makes me want to. Your fur babies are adorable and yes the eyes say sooo much!

Thelma said...

Le Jardin, ooh la la.

This is going to be one lovely quilt!

Wow, I don't stop by for a few days and I miss about 10 posts and a blog makeover. You've been a busy girl!

Rose Marie said...

Gorgeous block and love your fabrics! Your fur buddies are so sweet looking!