Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No sewing today...but mail!

 So today did not go as planned so there was no sewing. But after I went to get Little Bit from the bus we stopped to get the "e-mail" that is not e-mail. She doesn't quite get that they are called different things. All mail is e-mail apparently, even when in the mail slot.

YAY it was...


Madeline!! It was mailed the day after I bought it, so Jan. 2, and came today. Not too bad for cross border shipping. I'm pleased, both because they got it out so quickly but because customs didn't hold up my letter forever.
  I have half the cutting done, but I promise I won't sew it until the Verna mini is done. 

 I went out tonight with my dad, his girlfriend, and my "aunt", a woman I've known my whole life and was my matron of honour. We went and saw "Camelot". The acting was great but the script, especially the first act, was not so great. It was so over the top and exagerated that it missed being funny several times. I just wanted to slap the characters. And it was looooooong. The first act was an hour and a half. I was really hurting after sitting more or less still for that long in an uncomfortable chair. I was glad for the intermission. I enjoyed the second act though, much better.
 Dad walked me to my van, and we had a bit of a chat. It was interesting. I rarely speak with my dad for any length of time, and for many, many reason's I have had a contentious and sometimes just ambiguous relationship with him. I'll say one thing though, he is a far better, and more interested, grandpa then he ever was dad.
 I hope to have some progress in Verna to show tomorrow but I'm off to bed for now!


Nancy-Rose said...

I've been following your blog for a while now - - and just realized we must be in the same neck of the woods, if you were at the JLC! I live in St. Thomas, and attend UWO.

Nancy-Rose said...

There - - I fixed my "no-reply-ness". I must have missed that step when I changed email addys

Myra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting Cara! 8-)
You've got some wonderful quilty-works happening in your patch of the world... 8-)
Good luck with your next Schnibbles pattern!
Happy stitchings!

Rene' said...

How fun to get real mail. I love the Quilt Taffy stamp on the envelope. The pattern looks like a good one. I finally ordered my first Schnibbles pattern. Seeing all the parades each month made me feel left out ;-))