Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A better day

   Thank you to all you made kind comments yesterday. I am feeling better. Occasionally I get a bit out of sorts, and the filter on the honesty gets out of place but all is better today. I did manage to slice my thumb cutting a tomato but other then that it has generally been a better day.

  I finished the binding on Picnic yesterday and it is finally finished!

The prairie points decided to go the wrong way after going through the dryer...

But a good ironing and everything is fine again.

If it wasn't going to a baby I'd put buttons on the points to keep them down but that is not safe so should I just leave them? Or sew a tack stitch to keep them down?
 Doesn't the backing look so cuddly? It was a b**** to quilt and bind because of it but it is so worth it, or it will be when I see the baby wrapped up in it.

Oh and I forgot the label. That will have to go on too. But all the hard parts (the quilting, and binding) that terrify me are done. The binding even had mostly square corners! And the miters worked. So YAY for progress.

  I ordered 2 yards of the red dinosaur and a yard of the blue "dinosaur skin" for the borders of Tumbling Dinos. I'm going with a narrow blue containment border, which will have the ric rac sewn between it and the tumblers, and a wide red border. I'm hoping to use the blue as binding as well. Or maybe it will be red because I may not have enough blue, all depends on if my math worked or not
Funny how they look so different depending on the angle. I can't believe how many fabrics/colours ended up touching, but it doesn't look bad I think. Besides a kid won't notice, and hopefully by the time Landon is old enough to notice he'll love it too much to notice.


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Woo Hoo! Picnic is done and it looks
fantastic, way to go Cara! Tumblers is looking dino-mite too ;^) Glad today is a better day!

Sinta Renee said...

I love how your Picnic turned out... even with disagreeable prarie points! I actually love the addition of those prarie points:) The backing is so sweet for a baby too!

hetty said...

Picnic looks wonderful. I love the prairie points! And the tumblers will be great with the borders you have decided on. Glad you're feeling a bit better. Watch out for knives and tomatoes! You'll shoot your eye out!

Anonymous said...

Picnic is wonderful Cara! So cool with the praire points that did not agree after their wash. Hee!! You tamed them good!!!

Des said...

Wow. i'm making a tumbler quilt too!! I have loved doing it. I love your idea with the rick rack. Mine is too big for what I'm doing so I think I'm just going to keep it sans borders.

I'm actually going to go tackle the backing right now!!

Rene' said...

So glad today is better. Your Schnibbles looks great as do the tumblers. The back does look so soft!

Karen said...

Beautiful quilts. I think if it were me I would tack down the prairie points. I agree buttons are sadly not child-friendly.

I love the bright colors on the tumbers!