Wednesday, January 6, 2010


 I can't believe it but I have posted every day for over a week! WOW. Considering I stopped for many, many months for no real reason this is very impressive.

I must have just gone through a dry spell. I feel like I have accomplished, and learned, more lately then I ever have previously. And this is in part due to a person who is no longer a friend. Crystal and I became best friends in a counseling class. We stayed good friends, the doing everything kind, for about a year. I taught her to quilt, which got me back quilting. Then she disappeared. The reappeared. Then disappeared. This both confused and hurt me. Until I started thinking about it and then it made perfect sense. Crystal had a very hard childhood. The write a book kinda bad. She has been on her own since she was 17 and has more or less flitted from one person to another, getting what she needs and then moving on. She doesn't do it consciously or intentionally but it is what happens, and she is too nice to end relationships so she just lets them lapse. Ok I can deal with this. It is her problem or whatever, not mine. But thing is she has a BUNCH of my quilting things, including a sewing machine, and my 6x24" Olfa ruler, travel cutting board/iron that was a present from DH. I am not happy about this. But she has moved, and I no longer has her cell number so there isn't much I can do about it.

  Something about me is I don't make friends easily. In fact I'm fairly bad at it. I have millions of acquaintances, people who you talk to wherever etc but outside their "area" I don't do well. I have so little self esteem sometimes that I can't shake the feeling that people are only being "nice" or polite and don't really want me around. This is a left over from childhood. I know this intellectually but can't shake the feeling. The whole episode with Crystal hasn't helped this obviously.  She abandoned me when things got bad health wise, and only showed up again when she needed something. And I really thought she was a forever kind of friend. Those kind you just click with instantly and seem to just get each other. I'd never really had that before so this was odd and great.
Anyway, I don't really know why I'm sharing that now. Maybe just knowing I owe my re-entry into the quilting world, and the blogosphere, to her strikes me as ironic. And the blogosphere is where I find more companionship then anywhere.
Which leads me to the generosity of bloggers. Nancy offered her gorgeous self-designed pattern "Chateau Duma" on her blog because we asked. Isn't that great? I couldn't wait to start and have already got to here. My base turned out 17" square, instead of 16 but it hasn't mattered so far.

I still have 10 or 11 leaves to finish prepping and all the berries/circles but I think it's looking good. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to arrange all the leaves etc but pretty much I think I'm assured of a good result.

The fluer-de-lis, a traditional symbol of the French, and in Canada Quebec, got me thinking about how this line could be used to make an antique looking Canadian flag. Which would be historically inaccurate as the Canadian flag only became official in 1965, though the emblem has been used in various ways since the 1890s. Still I think it would look cool. I just don't know how I can justify more Rouenneries.
Especially since this came today.

Literally as I was finishing there was a knock on the door.  And the mail lady handed me my block one of the Le Jardin BOM from Fatquarter Shop! YAY!! You know I have to cut into this right away. Or at least read the instructions and pet the fabrics. I should put this away until I finish Duma, and perhaps if Madeline gets here too. But I doubt it will happen. ;)


Rene' said...

I agree that bloggers are a very generous group. Your block from Nancy's pattern looks great. I am waiting for my package from the Fat Quarter Shop. I ordered it while I was in Montana...worried it would arrive while I was asked them to hold for a few days. Now I am impatiently checking the front door wondering when it will show up. I love that line of fabric you got. I have resisted far. Have a great day!

Carrie P. said...

Wow, I love this block and applique you are working on. And fun to work on one of Anne's patterns.
I have had a few friends like the one you mentioned and I was really bother by their actions too but I have learned that it is not me and it is them. I hate that she took your stuff but it can be replaced. Be encouraged that not all people are like her.

Anonymous said...

Friendships are difficult to maintain during lifes many challenges for sure. I have a few I've let go myself. It hurts but we move on. We put up a little guard like fence so that we can't have that same hurt again. Try not to have a heavy guard or you may miss out on another wonderful true friendship. I've seen them come and I've seen them go as well. One thing about blogging...we can pick and choose and I have to tell you that I have some pretty good friendships here and haven't met in person. Big hugs to you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara, Thanks for you comment on my blog. I read your last couple of days, and as has been said, You have had plenty of reason to complain. We have to get those things off our chest. I have also had to walk away from a friend that was not good for me. Even if this girl comes back again, be nice, but don't open your heart to her, except in compassion for her struggles. Your quilting is very good, and you really get enjoyment out of it...that is a huge blessing. Just while I was reading your blog, I had someone texting me and grilling me. I feel "fried"...LOL. Sheeesh, why can't we just allow others some space. HEY, now I'm complaining!!! LOL You have a good evening, and enjoy your new fabrics!!!

Pokey said...

Just wanted to wish you well today. I'm glad that you're creating again, and that you have the outlet of expression in quilting. We all have our days, ya know.
Looking forward to seeing the pretty kit come together!

kimland said...

Cara, I read your blog yesterday and was still thinking about it this morning. You seem to be wise beyond your years. It is good that you have learned something from this and are able to move forward. A very good friend of mine once told me you will have many aquantances in your life and few friends. There are true friends, hold those dearly. Your projects look wonderful have fun and keep on creating. Feel free to vent!

kimland said...

"You need to change your settings so people can respond to you comments!" Cara, I went to my setting and couldn't figure out how to do this. Any suggestions? Thanks for replying and becoming a follower; my first!

Anonymous said...

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